Collection: Washable nursing pads

Nursing pads are a must have during your breastfeeding period. And handy for after, more on that later.
Many women leak some milk from their breasts during the breastfeeding period, sucking pads you put between your breast and your bra (or top) and these catch the milk. It also provides hygiene during this period.

Of course, there are many types of nursing pads, but what could be nicer and more durable than a washable variety. Eco Era made them, two kinds. One kind of beautiful wool, and one kind of bamboo. You can find them here!
Both varieties are handmade and are sold with a linen bag which you can use as a laundry bag.

p.s did you know that after your breastfeeding period you can use the compresses well for thin t-shirts or dresses? You put them between your bra and the compresses make sure your nipples are not visible if you don't want them to be. They are thin and shape nicely with your breast so you don't see them.