A personal story - Update our life in Spain

A personal story - Update our life in Spain

It's time for a more personal story. An update on our life in Spain and my personal goals.

A short introduction:
Many of you who follow me I think live in the Netherlands, this is also where I lived for 32 years of my life. In 2021 I moved with my husband and two children to Altea in Spain. A wish that came true for us as a family.

After several years of hard work and building, the birth of our two sons in the Netherlands, the time had come in march 2021: we sold our house and drove south with our van and 1 small trailer.

We rented an apartment in Alicante to start from. After a few months we found our dream house: at walking distance from the sea and the town of Altea, but a quiet place with especially lots of greenery around and lots of possibilities.

Downstairs a home for us and upstairs a separate apartment to rent out and down a place to make studio for Eco Era and a two garages outside. Small piece of land in front (and now also on the back). Everything had to be completely renovated, luckily this is my husband's work and he is very good at it :).

Now we can say: I'TS DONE!
With all thanks to my fantastic husband :)
(We just need to hang some lights, but yes that can be done later too :P )

What makes living here so nice for us?
We chose to move from the Netherlands because of the climate and the general mentality. For us the outdoor life fits very well, we both believe in wanting to get back to the basics of life.
Knowing how to take care of yourself (and each other) in a natural way.

We are working on a large vegetable garden and our goal is to eat our own fruits and vegetables all year round. We are not here yet, as this also takes time to build up.

I am learning a lot about how different plants work and how you can use them in daily life or illnesses.

Change in your life
Personally, I notice that I am much calmer since living here. The climate but also the way of living really makes a difference. We have the space around our house to live the way we want : back to basics and live as self-provided as possible.

My vision on life, as well as on business also changed. I started Eco Era to avoid full garbage cans and made a commitment to not produce waste. As I delved more into this and the opportunity I have Spain to live more with nature, I found out that my overarching goal or mission is more to live healthy. For me, healthy living goes hand in hand with sustainability.

Change comes with a flow. Just like emigrating. First period you are getting used to new habits and before you know it your children are happily going to school, you have a nice group of friends and you know all the little local stores where you do your shopping.

My message to you: are you looking up to change in your life? Do you also want to emigrate or make other changes in your life?

Don't be afraid: it will work out, very well, if you follow your heart!

Feel free to contact me if you want to chat with me about this :) 


With love,



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