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Eef Eco Era


Welcome to Eco Era, nice that you found us. Eco Era is an online store from a Dutch/Italian family based in Altea, Spain and Wouwse Plantage, Netherlands.

We moved as a family from Rotterdam to Altea, Spain in 2021. Everything is made by Eveline herself in her studio. We have also selected a selection of wholesale products with love and accuracy.

At Eco Era you can find the best handmade products for yourself and your children. Also nice to give as a gift of course!

We have a passion for sustainable and fair products. In our own household with two small children, we have been consciously working on this for some time. We get satisfaction from this and would like to pass this feeling on to others.

Our products have an honest past and sustainable future.

Interested in working together? Contact us. info@eco-era-store.com.

Choose Eco Era. An Era that matters.

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