5 Stages of Change for a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

5 Stages of Change for a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle.



Taking a journey to a healthier and more sustainable way of living requires a conscious effort and a willingness to embrace change. In my opinion, many people think this change is more difficult and bigger than it actually is.

Insight into the change process can help you make conscious choices and understand how it works. Because it's not difficult. I am convinced that we can go back to our basics, where healthy living is the norm.

In this blog article, we explore the 5 Stages of Change Model and how it can be applied to support individual transformations towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.


5 stages of change eco era

The precontemplation stage represents a lack of awareness or denial of the need for change. People in this stage may not recognize the negative impact of their current lifestyle on their health and the environment.

To get past this stage, it is essential to raise awareness through personal reflection.

There are plenty of nice instagram accounts that give a lot of tips about this. Fun to follow and very inspiring. However small you want to start. It's small steps that bring about big change.

During the contemplation phase, you begin to feel the need to acknowledge the need for change and to consider the pros and cons of making a change. You may feel insecure and not sure how to make a change.

It is crucial to examine your own underlying motivations and values that support the desire for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. For example, think about what might be reasons for you to want to make a change.

For me this started with hating an overflowing trash can, but during my change process I found out that making healthier choices for health reasons go hand in hand with sustainability.

For example, my personal goal is now to be able to eat from my own piece of land all year round, to grow everything myself and to conserve it throughout the year. But this is not how I started with change, this went step by step for me.

In the preparation phase you are actively planning and thinking about change. You have made the decision to make a change and you have envisioned your goal. You can set goals, but I wouldn't even make it that difficult myself and just start, This is often the hardest step. I firmly believe that when you realize how things can be done differently and how you can go back to basics, you are not easily inclined to fall back into your old patterns.

For example: I would like to replace products in the kitchen or bathroom. I want to eat more locally and organically.

The action phase involves implementing the plans and strategies developed in the previous phase. It requires commitment, discipline and perseverance. This is where the actual behavior change happens, whether it's adopting healthier eating habits, reducing waste or integrating sustainable practices into everyday life.
In this phase it is also nice to join instagram communities. Share what you're doing (e.g. by tagging me @eco_era_store). Follow inspiring accounts online for you and find people around you offline.

The maintenance phase means that the changes made during the action phase are sustained in the long term. It is said that it is important to be realistic and that you can relapse, but as I mentioned before. With regard to behavioral change to a healthier and sustainable lifestyle, I do not believe that you fall back quickly. It only gives you advantages. In several areas of your life. You feel fitter, happier and you have more knowledge about the world and its wonderful possibilities.

Practical tips: When you are at the beginning stage of this development in your life, start small.


Stop using plastic in your kitchen, use bowl covers instead.

Luffa sponge eco era
Don't use a plastic sponge in your kitchen anymore, but a loofah sponge.


Washable wipes

Stop using plastic disposable wipes for your children, but use reusable wipes made of bamboo and organic cotton.

Reusable napkins Eve Eco Era

Stop using disposable sanitary napkins, but reusable ones made of bamboo and organic cotton.

Choose which habitat you want to start on and start using it,
and believe me... You will be glad that you use less chemical products and that you can take good care of yourself and your environment.

Share your story with me! You can contact me on instagram @eco_era_store


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