Get to know your body: Understand what your period is trying to tell you. By Flow with Yvette & Eve

Get to know your body: Understand what your period is trying to tell you. By Flow with Yvette & Eve

Invisible but so palpable: embarrassment and ignorance about your period.

I believe that in society the way it is set up now, we are so far from our origins. Actually in all respects. But especially when we talk about menstruating women.

I remember when I was a teenager it was very sneaky about it, you certainly didn't show that you were menstruating and it was mostly a bit gross. A big stigma and annoying to grow up with a taboo like this.

Now I'm 35, living according to my natural cycle and far from embarrassed when I menstruate. Still, I feel the need to write about this, because I do get daily messages in my inbox on instagram, asking if washable pads aren't dirty?

Many women find it uncomfortable to be in touch with themselves during this period. With disposable pads, you don't have to do anything except use it and throw it away. This keeps you from coming in contact with your blood. With washable pads, of course, this is slightly different. After use, you rinse them out and wash them in the washing machine.

If you ask me this is only an advantage, this also allows you to clearly see how much blood you have lost and what color it is (also this says a lot about your period, more on this later).

That so many women find their own blood dirty and don't know how to handle their body's most natural process got me thinking....

That's why for this blog I contacted Yvette (@Flowwithyvette), I met her through Instagram and I admire her vision and knowledge. I asked her to write a piece to inspire, inform and motivate you. Because i believe when you understand your body, the feeling of shame will disappear.

She will introduce herself and tell you more about what your period can tell you.

Hi, my name is Yvette from the Netherlands. I'm your Hormone coach for Body, Mind & Soul development. I'm here to guide your healing journey. With my guidance women heal their PMS, high sensitivity, fertility and other cycle-issues.

My story might not be that different than yours: there was a time when I was not happy being a woman. I was embarrassed for my period and had massive stomach pain. I felt uncomfortable in my body and struggled with stimulus processing. On top of that I considered friendship with men easier than women. I felt unsafe, lived in my mind, detached from my body and femininity. For years I lived in survival-mode.

My life changed. My experience changed completely. I feel lighter, calm, happy and loved. I feel home. In my community Flow with Yvette I let women discover this wisdom and energy too.

Get in touch with your deeper self. Listen to your gut feeling. Know your cycle and recognize hormonal imbalance for what it really is.

Your body communicates with you: 'I need your attention'. Learn how to support your cycle with food, movement, relaxation. Say goodbye to cramps, cravings and bad memory. Embrace each fase and reveal your superpowers of being a woman.

I want us to STOP normalizing hormonal health issues like headache, high sensitivity and depression. I love that these things are not taboo's anymore, but they are NOT part of being a woman. I wish every woman to find and solve the rootcause of issues instead of mask them with symptom management.

Your monthly bleeding contains such valuable
information about your health:

Are you happy your period only last a couple of days?
This is what your body actually says:
🔥 Take care of me! I'm not getting enough nutritions to create a healthy cycle. Give me good food and more Omega 3.

Bleeding heavily every hour? Feels like you're bleeding empty?
That's a signal too:
🥦 Focus on fibers and b12: 500 gr (green) vegetables per day and eat biologic meat. Those snacktomatoos and cucumber are not going to safe you.

Does your period start with brown spotting?
This could mean your body is low on progesteron.
My advice:
💃 Boost your progesteron with food. Implement seeds cycling. The first half of your cycle you eat 1 tablespoon of pumpkinseeds and 1 tbs of flax seed. Half way through your cycle you switch to 1 tablespoon of sunflowerseeds and 1 tbs of sesameseeds.

Does your bleeding not continue immediately?
🤠 Try yoni-steaming.
A healthy bleeding lasts in between 3 to 7 days, is bright red, has no lumps and does not hurt.

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With Love,

Yvette & Eve 

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