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PRE ORDER Washable diaper + inserts

PRE ORDER Washable diaper + inserts

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NB!! This is a PRE ORDER! Orders with this product will be shipped to NL at the end of December. In order to burden the environment as little as possible, the orders are collected, made by hand and then shipped.

Finally! The product that was really missing in the Eco Era collection:the washable diaper. How nice it is to make conscious choices for your child's health from birth and to contribute to a healthier planet.

Washable diapers really only have advantages.

+ Easy to use
+ Always at home
+ Better for your child
+ Better for the environment
+ Better for your own wallet

Eco Era has designed a fantastic preflats diaper, it's a folding diaper with a bow. This means you don't have to bother with attaching the diaper with clips.

Diaper is made of bamboo & organic cotton.
Insert (booster) is made of bamboo, organic cotton and two layers of hemp bamboo.

Did you use the diaper?
Wash it on a pre-cycle and full cycle of 60 degrees. You let the diaper dry (in the sun is nice against stains). After this you can easily use the diaper.

Diaper is suitable from newborn to about 10 kilos. You can easily make the diaper smaller for a newborn by folding it. This allows you to use the diaper for a long time, nice and double durable!

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