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Perineum oil

Perineum oil

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This one perineum massage oil from Birth Center Human Child nourishes the skin of the perineum and makes it more supple and less vulnerable. It improves the skin's elasticity and can therefore prevent cutting or tearing. You cannot always prevent tearing, there are more factors at play, but applying a natural oil can support your skin and make it more supple. Your skin is being prepared for delivery.g.

By rubbing or massaging the skin with the oil, you prepare yourself not only physically, but also emotionally. By shifting your attention to that area, you prepare yourself more consciously for birth.

Uses and ingredients

In general, it is recommended to use the oil from about the 34th week of pregnancy. Rub your perineum with love and attention every day as needed.

The Perineum Massage Oil contains only pure organic almond oil and evening primrose oil so you can use it on your most vulnerable parts with confidence.


96% Bamboe 4% elastan
100% katoen organic

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Bezorging is van dinsdag tm zaterdag. Wanneer bestelling op voorraad is en voor 16:00 uur besteld is wordt er geprobeerd het de zelfde dag te verzenden. Helaas kunnen wij dit niet garanderen. Het gaat om handgemaakte producten die vaak op bestelling gemaakt worden, van sommige producten is een kleine voorraad. 

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