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New Life - Lois Grocery.

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The book you must have read.

Lois Kruidenier wrote 'New Life' for her eldest daughter. A book full of recognition and love. These are catchy lyrics about her first encounter with motherhood. You read the book in one go and then start over. Beautiful for yourself or as a gift to an expectant mother.. 

Backside of the book:

Her first memories will take place on this floor. And her family, that's us. At least for a very long time. Sometimes it is double, growing up, living the life. Sometimes I miss that old family and that old house, the carefree and freedom. I miss childhood, the carefreeness, the safety of mom and dad, the hugs in my bed. Now I play a different role in the family. I am now the security, the stern words and the comforting kisses. Only now do I know about the worries, the responsibility and the exhaustion. But I also only now know about the pride.
The overwhelming, inexhaustible sweetheart.
The will to go through fire.
For my family.
My daughter.



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