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Maternity bandage

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Looking for good biological maternity pads?

The Natracare maternity pad is made of soft, certified organic cotton, completely free of chlorine and plastic and 100 biodegradable, specially made for the first days after birth..

In contrast to regular bandages, no chemical and synthetic substances are processed in this connection, so that you do not get any extra harmful substances on and in your body during this sensitive period. Organic cotton is breathable and hypo-allergenic. Especially in this vulnerable period, it is advisable to use biological maternity bandages so that you put as little strain as possible on your body.

The processing of organic cotton is also many times less harmful to the environment than that of ordinary cotton. In this way we leave only a mild footprint!

Maternity period

After the birth of your baby, you lose blood from your womb. This blood helps to cleanse your body, remove waste products and regulate hormones. In the first days after birth, you use maternity bandages to collect the blood.


Certified organic cotton, ecologically certified cellulose pulp, corn starch, non-toxic glue

Organic cotton is made without chemical pesticides and processed without harmful dyes, bleaches or solvents phthalates. Regular cotton contains normal cotton, which does contain many harmful substances. These can upset the skin's natural balance and cause eczema and rashes. Organic cotton is pure, natural and breathable. This makes it very suitable for your vulnerable vulva immediately after birth and during menstruation.e.