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Washable sanitary napkin flower ocher

Washable sanitary napkin flower ocher

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We are very happy that so much attention is paid to natural care for children. The washable wipes, natural oil and no disposable products.

Eco Era also thinks of all mothers/women, and has made washable sanitary pads. This is hand made and is a great long lasting fade from the disposable sanitary napkin.

They are made of four layers of bamboo which absorbs super well and neutralizes odors. The outside is made of cotton with a waterproof coating.

How do you use them?

You can use them 'just' as you are used to with disposable sanitary pads. The press studs replace the adhesive strips. You fold these at the bottom of your underpants and press the button, so that the sanitary towel stays neatly in place.

You can wash at 40-60 degrees. Have you had heavy bleeding? Then wash them cold first.

Why washable sanitary pads?

First of all, you don't produce waste this way (yes!). In addition, the Eco Era sanitary towels are made of bamboo and therefore contain no harmful substances.

Did you know that the disposable version is full of fabrics that you really don't want in your underpants. For example, different types of polyester, silicone, synthetic resin, perfume, ink, glue and chlorine are used. Chlorine, for example, is used to make sanitary towels so bright white, which releases a lot of chemicals. You don't want this in your pants!

In addition, budget also plays a major advantage, calculate how often you buy a pack of sanitary pads per year and what the costs are. With the washable products you invest once for long-term use.


Binnenkant (tegen de vulva)
96% Bamboe 4% elastan

Buitenkant 100% katoen met gecoate waterdichte laag

Shipping & Returns

Verzendkosten bedragen 5,00 euro via Post NL brievenbus pakket service en pakket service binnen Nederland. Er wordt er een deel van de verzendkosten betaald, overige deel van de kosten nemen wij op ons. 

Bezorging is van dinsdag tm zaterdag. Wanneer bestelling op voorraad is en voor 16:00 uur besteld is wordt er geprobeerd het de zelfde dag te verzenden. Helaas kunnen wij dit niet garanderen. Het gaat om handgemaakte producten die vaak op bestelling gemaakt worden, van sommige producten is een kleine voorraad. 


Inlegkruisjes string (een laag bamboe)

+- 15 cm hoog
+- 12 cm breed

Inlegkruisjes (een laag bamboe)
+- 20 cm hoog
+-16 cm breed

Maandverband (twee lagen bamboe)

+-21 cm hoog
+-17 cm breed

Nacht/kraamverband (twee lagen bamboe)

+-33 cm hoog
+-20 cm breed

Care Instructions

Je kunt ze ''gewoon'' gebruiken zoals je gewend bent bij wegwerp inlegkruisjes. De drukknoopjes vervangen de plakstrips. Deze vouw je onder aan je onderbroek en drukt het knoopje dicht, zodat de inlegkruisjes netjes op zijn plek blijft zitten. 

Wassen kun je doen van 40-60 graden. Heb je hevig bloedverlies gehad? Dan kun je ze even koud voorwassen. 

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Please take care of your beautiful body & use only natural materials.