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Washable sanitary pads.

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We are very happy that so much attention is paid to natural care for children. The washable wipes, natural oil and no disposable products.

Eco Era also thinks of all mothers / women, and has created washable sanitary pads. This is handmade and is a great durable fade from the disposable sanitary napkin.

The set consists of four pieces. They are made of four layers of bamboo which absorbs very well and neutralizes odors. The outside is made of cotton with a waterproof coating.

How do you use them?

You can '' just '' use them as you are used to with disposable sanitary towels. The press studs replace the adhesive strips. You fold these at the bottom of your underpants and press the button closed, so that the sanitary napkin stays neatly in place.

You can wash from 40-60 degrees. If you have had heavy blood loss, it is wise to first soak them in a container of water with, for example, biotex before putting them in the washing machine. 

Why washable sanitary pads?

Firstly, you do not produce waste this way, yes !. In addition, the Eco Era sanitary towels are made of bamboo and therefore do not contain any harmful substances.. 

Did you know that the disposable version is full of substances that you really do not want in your underpants. For example, different polyester types, silicones,synthetic resin, perfume, ink, glue and chlorine. Chlorine, for example, is used to make the sanitary napkins as bright white, which releases a lot of chemicals. You don't want this in your pants!

In addition, budget certainly also plays a big advantage, calculate how often you buy a pack of sanitary towels per year and what the costs are. With the washable products you invest once for a long-term use.

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