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Holy wool is carded sheep's wool, which naturally contains lanolin wool grease. A must have for the postpartum period. This wool comes from the Netherlands. The wool comes froman City Sheep Nature; carded wool from the Shetland sheep carded in Friesland and washed with soapnuts. This quality wool is obtained in an animal-friendly way.

What can you use holy wool for?

In case of diaper rash or nipple fissures, place a tuft of wool between the bottom and the diaper or in your bra.
This creates a layer of air that gives the injured skin space to heal. It also ensures that the urine no longer touches the buttocks. In addition, the lanolin supports the skin's natural repair process.
The holy wool can also lead to quick results for stitches and other wounds. Make sure that there is no fresh blood left, because this will stick.

Use of holy wool

Do not wash the wool! The wool can be reused 1-2 times, provided it is placed in the sun for at least 1 day in between.

Place a tuft of holy wool on the baby's bottom in the diaper or on your nipple in your bra. For sensitive stitches or small wounds on your vagina, you can place a tuft of holy wool on your sanitary napkin or in your underpants. If your baby's navel gets irritated, put a tuft of holy wool on the navel and don't put an old-fashioned bellyband or bandage around it too tight.).

After 12-24 hours you can remove the tuft or change it if the complaints are not over yet. You can use a tuft once or twice. If necessary, clean the wool by placing it outside in the sun.

Choice of:

10 to 15 grams or 50 grams. With 10 grams you can generally do a few days, with 50 grams a few weeks depending on useuik)

In the Standard and Luxury maternity kits can also be found holy wool.

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