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Healing hearbs

Healing hearbs

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Great healing herbs

Torn Then these wonderful perineum herbs can support you in the healing process of a second degree rupture and no stitching is necessary..

Holistic Doula Wendy composed this particularly powerful perineum herbal mix from Ibiza when she herself experienced the wonderful power of these herbs immediately after the birth of her daughter. Through her work as a doula, she sees again and again the healing effect of this special mix.

Torn out, now what?

With daily external use of this herbal mix, a second degree rupture can heal quickly and beautifully. The herbal powder is applied externally to a sanitary or maternity napkin or preferably as a rinse.keur).

Sun 1 in 3 women tears during childbirth, but by using these healing herbs, the perineum regenerates quickly and naturally. You will receive an instruction on how to best use the herbs. A must-have for everyone who is about to give birth and professionals who assist maternity wives in this special phase. Can also be used for all kinds of wounds after birth..

The Healing Herbs are now in new packaging under the new label Salv.Care and are also called Yoni Herbs see photo in galleryj)

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