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Eco Era Wipes - Pink Flower

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The washable buttocks / cleaning wipes from Eco Era.

These beautiful washable wipes are made by hand. This is the must have for every parent.

Disposable wipes are outdated, very polluting for the environment, they often end up in the ocean with all its consequences. With the washable cloths from Eco Era you are sustainable and you can show off. Because they look beautiful!

In addition, you also think about your baby, get rid of the diaper rash! Obviously, no perfume is used. With these wipes you can clean your baby in pure nature!

The wipes are 20x20 cm and are sold in sets of five. You can choose a set of five of the same wipes, but there is also an option to buy five different ones. There are composite sets, if you want to put together a set of your favorite fabrics, this is of course also possible. You can do this to indicate which you would like via comments to your shopping cart, or send an email to

The wipes have one side of bamboo fabric and side with hydrophilic or cotton.

All fabrics that are used have the OEKO-TEX 100 quality mark. This means that the fabric is produced in an environmentally and human-friendly manner. The fabrics are free of harmful substances. Better for you, better for the environment and better for the people who make the fabrics.

The wipes can be washed at 40 degrees, preferably not in the dryer. If there are stains Let the cloths dry in the sun, then the stains will disappear. 

Do you have other wishes for fabric? Let us know via 

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