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cord ring

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The cord ring is a nice, durable and baby-friendly alternative to the plastic belly button clip, this belly button ring or umbilical cord ring. Can be ordered in latex natural rubber orf latex free (you use this if you have an allergy or hypersensitivity to latex..

The Birth Essentials Cetro Belly Button Ring is virtually weightless and invisible. Much more comfortable for your baby than a bulky umbilical clamp, the risk of inflammation is also smaller. The Cetro Cord Ring does not get caught behind clothing or a diaper, which means that the mother will also be more at ease when changing a diaper or dressing her baby.

Details about the cord ring

  • Packed individually
  • Easy to use
  • Sustainable
  • Baby-friendly
  • Easy to keep clean and dry
  • Less chance of inflammation than with an umbilical clamp
  • One size fits all
  • No need to remove less intrusiveg)
  • Sterile Latexx


Cord ring instructions:

  1. Thread the surgical clamp through the eyelet.
  2. Using another surgical clamp, clamp the umbilical cord on the side of the placenta.
  3. Using the surgical clip with cord ring, clamp the umbilical cord close to the baby.
  4. Cut the umbilical cord between the two clamps.
  5. Slide the eyelet of the cord ring down the clamp.
  6. Hold the cord ring by the handle and pull it over the umbilical cord.
  7. Cut the handle off the cord ring. Only a small ring remains around the umbilical stump