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Celebrate 'December WereldWijs', the initiative for making Sinterklaas and Christmas more sustainable from

Organizations are joining forces for the new 'December World Wise' movement. It is a initiative that encourages sustainable gifts. Founder Linda Sibie wants to breathe new life into the essence of gift giving."We still surprise our loved ones with gifts, but with the sustainable twist that our world needs now more than ever. The magic of giving and receiving gifts, but in such a way that we
enrich and nurture the planet and its inhabitants. It often feels very logical, but the temptation due to time pressure and overload of marketing is lurking again. We often no longer think about the journey these items have taken and who made them."On you will find original gift alternatives that make a difference for people and the environment. Think of donations, activities and upcycling. You make a sustainable wish list and you get access to the toolkit with tips for parents and schools.
Daphne van 't Hof, Social Media & Impact manager at Return to Sender:"Return to Sender is proud to be an ambassador of the December WereldWijs initiative. We believe that everything can be done more fair. We believe it MUST be fairer. WeDunia's initiative allows us as social entrepreneurs to join forces, reach a wider audience and inspire more people to make fairer choices." puts the spotlight on organizations and helps consumers make the holidays more sustainable. Less is More during 'December WorldWise'. Together we make more impact, more green, more change and meaning.

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