Collection: Nacimiento Dalalou

New at Eco Era!
The well-known Dalalou maternity packages, we are proud to be the partner of Dalalou in Spain!

You need a maternity package if you are going to give birth, at home, in the birth center and in the hospital. It contains all the care products you need around the time of birth. A number of products are useful for you and your baby and a number are for use by your midwife and maternity nurse. They will ask if you have everything you need.

In addition to these basic care products, the natural maternity packages contain extra products that are focused on natural maternity care such as chamomile oil, chamomile herbs and wool fleece. These can be used for regenerative and conditioning rinses abdominal compressesfor after-pain, colic, etc. The natural maternity package now also includes a woolen cap.