Tweedehands spullen by Anne Groen

Second-hand stuff by Anne Groen

This week Anne Groen is talking about second-hand stuff! She is a very nice inspiring woman who will take you along in her sustainable adventure as a mother / childminder in the coming period. See more Check out Instagram!

Second hand stuff

Of course you want the best for the future of your children and other loved ones, but how do you do that How do you contribute to a healthier and more sustainable worldd?

One of the biggest problems for our planet is the amount of people who walk on it, and especially the amount of stuff these people produce.

dait must be less!

But yes, we are used to ourluxury lives with all kinds of things that we use, find beautiful or useful, clothes that we wear, etc. How do you ensure that you burden the earth less, but can still use beautiful products?

New is not necessary!

There are things that people no longer use. Discarded clothing, furniture, toys, kitchen utensils, etc., etc. a large part of these items is still perfectly usable, but simply no longer necessary due to a change in lifestyle, taste, family composition, etc.f something like that

It's a shame to have excellent usable productsnot to be used, give them a second life! For example, buy at the thrift store, via marktplaats orvinted What you need; there is plenty in circulation!

There is also a wide range of second-hand items on Facebook and Instagram. 

A search on the marketplace allows a very targeted search, and you will receive a notification when the correct article has been placed. I have bought bunk beds, high chairs, toys, clothing, books and so on.

Zoekopdracht marktplaats

Under the guise of: New is not necessary! Nowadays, I first look for those new shoes or jacket on the marketplace or in the thrift store, before I buy something new.

 Second hand is notsad!

All nice and nice that sustainable stuff, but I really want my children to look good and my house to be nicely decorated.

And yes, that toocan.. It's nice to walk around, live in a cozy house and ride a nice bike without having to buy them all new. For example, search for quality brands, pay close attention to the condition of the product with the advertisement and ask for additional photos if you buy something remotely.

The advantage of buying second-hand is that you pay a fraction of the new price, so that you may be able to afford more durable and nicer brands than if you had to buy them new.

 Children's items are generally only used for a short period of time; Before the summer is over, the average toddler grows through 2 shoe sizes, and before a crib or changing table can wear out, your baby has outgrown them. That makes it very easy to buy neat and good baby equipment; you can wash the upholstery of a pram, you give a cupboard soapy water and it is like new again!

What you do has an impact!

What does it matter if I buy a new dining table once every 5 years Or 3 pairs of new shoes a yearr? And new clothes for my baby and that one nice dress for that wedding  

Just count it out; what you buy unnoticed asfamily.. And how often you actually use it before you get rid of it Right, that's soon more than you thought..

And then consider that all those people around you do the same thing, for example; for every new born baby one buys; box, bed, changing table, cupboard filled with clothes, pram, toys, bath, high chair and ababy carrier.. In the Netherlandsbecome about 170.000 children born! And after 1,5 years most of this stuff is no morenecessary..

So buy those things second-hand, take a good look at the quality and enjoy your new acquisition twice. Tell it proudly when someone else asks where you got that cool piece of furniture or those cool shoes, because the more people buy second-hand, the greater the impact!!

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