Review Eco Era doekjes van Susan van “het leven is zo leuk”

Review of Susan's Eco Era wipes of “life is so much fun”

 Disposable wipes versus washable wipes



Many packs of wipes have been used in the past 4 years. Always opted for wipes that do not contain harmful substances and that are somewhat not very bad for the environment.

I have once read packs of different wipes and that didn't make me very happy. I honestly do not understand that manufacturers can process so many harmful substances in productswhich are later used on the delicate skin of our children. Then there is also such a thing as ""’poochesHave you ever smelled them? I understand very well that you don't let your children walk around with a dirty face or with those green bubbles between nose and lip. We have always chosen to clean the faces and hands with a washcloth. Our parents used to do that too. Yet it was always a bit gnawing that so many wipes were used. Then I was approached by Eveline vann Eco Era asking if I would like to try her washable wipes. Very honest Yes, I doubted whether this would be something for me. Waant, Yeskidscan have heavy full diapers and we are not talking about the wetting diapers of course. I am someone when in doubt I can always try. If it is not for me then I know that again and we have an experience richer.

Eveline is a woman who puts her heart and soul into this fantastic shop. She isEco Era started because she really has the full conviction that things should be done differently and certainly can. With small steps to a cleaner and more sustainable world. In addition to washable wipes, she also sells a lot of beautiful other products. Click here ( to take a look at her website. All products are handmade here in the Netherlandsand soon also in Spain.Because this great family is moving to Spain to live here on the beach and close to the city. The Dutch shop will continue to exist and oOKshe just staysorganic cotton and bamboo textile gebrchickens.

I was allowed to choose two sets. A set to use as wipes and a set for cleaning hands and faces. I also got a very handy water syringe to fill with water and a bottle of chamomile oil for a despicable effect. One side of the cloth is made of hydrophilic and the other side of a very soft terry cloth. The nice thing is that you can put together your fabric combination yourself.

We are now a few weeks later and I have to say that I have become a fan of the wipes. When Sam gives a big shit diaper I first wipe it off with toilet paper. Because you can simply flush this down the toilet because it is biodegradable and normal wipes not because it contains a lot of plastic. Then I wet the washable wipe with the water sprayer and wipe the rest clean and the cloth can be washed in the wash. I do rinse the cloth before throwing it in the laundry basket. I always put a few drops of the chamomile oil in the water sprayer.

Because the sets have different fabrics, I know which ones I can use for the buttocks and which ones for the hands / faces. We are also going on holiday for a few days soon and the wipes will certainly come along. If a diaper needs to be changed on the way, I can moisten the cloth with the water sprayer. Super easy and very durable!

Thank you Susan for this nice review, are you curious about Susan and what else she does 
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