Hoe gebruik je de wasbare Eco Era doekjes?

How do you use the washable Eco Era wipes?

Are you in doubt about purchasing washable buttocks/face wipes because you are not sure whether it suits you and you do not know how to use it Here we explain it to you! 

First off, thank you very much for considering switching to washable. Are you already a fan of washable Super! Then the wipes are a nice addition to your daily use. 

You can use the washable wipes from Eco Era for different purposes, this makes it even more durable.

snout cleaners
Of course just as snout cleaners, when you use them for this you can use them the same as, for example, a washcloth. You can use the wipes  several times before you actually put them in the washing machine. For example, you clean your child(s)'s face and hands after eating, rinse them under the tap and let them dry, for example on the edge of the heating (it does not have to be turned on for this). After a few times you put them in the washing machine. You do the same if you use them on the road or in the sniffing season for nose wipes.

butt wipes
Do you also use the wipes as wipes? I hear from many mothers that they think this is a big step, if you don't use washable diapers, for example. But nothing could be further from the truth. Washable wipes are very easy to use, and of course better for the environment and your baby. 

It is useful to have a water sprayer with your changing table, or to take it with you on the go. In the water spray you put some water and possibly some organic chamomile or gold blossom oil. Both are also available from Eco Era.

Wet the wipe with water and now use the wipe as you would a disposable wipe; you clean the diaper area of your child with the cloth. The only difference is that you don't throw it away afterwards, 1 cloth is often enough and it is better for your child's skin. There are no chemicals or perfume in the washable wipes.
Of course you can also just wet the cloth under the tap instead of working with a spray.

Now the most frequently asked question is; "But what about a poo diaper"'
Also with a poo diaper it is even easier to use washable wipes. You can of course choose to use a toilet paper first, so that most of it is gone. This way you prevent your wipe from being covered in poop. This is also nice if you do not use washable wipes, you can flush toilet paper and the disposable wipes cannot, these are not biodegradable due to the large amount of plastic in them.

When you have collected the most poop, you can simply clean the buttocks with a moistened washable cloth. Of course you can do this right away in the wash afterwards.

If you like you can fill the bottle with oil. This has a soothing effect on your little one's skin. At Eco Era you can buy chamomile and gold blossom (calendula) oil.

Thank you for your interest in the handmade wipes and enjoy this step towards sustainability.

If you have any questions, be sure to contact me at info@eco-era-store.com or read the blog of Janneke Jonkman from My Little Dutch Diary, she wrote a greate blog about washable productsand tried the Eco Era wipes.

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