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Sustainable choices in parenting - Ingrid Sweegers

It's possiblesometimesquite a challenge, sustainable choices in parenting On the one hand I want to do everything the best I can, never a disposable diaper again, always washable wipes, never a plastic bottle of water, but actually don we just what works. Some days it works really well, and sometimes it really doesn't.I sometimes find it difficult to accept that, but we do our best. And try to set a good example for our children.

 Ingrid sweegers

I willmefirst for a bit introduce. I'm Ingrid, midPine treethirty and I live with my partner and our three children inTilburg† Before I was pregnant with our oldest I wasactuallyyetall the waynot so concerned with sustainability. I did use a lunch box instead of plastic bagsand a reusable water bottle instead of plastic bottles, but it didn't go much further.

When I first became a mother in the summer of 2016, everything was new† II used to babysit but not babies. I've never changed a diaper beforeThere was no question of sustainability in parenting then, we had enough to learn alreadyHappyhadwea great maternity assistant and we will continue what we learned from her.Sustainability was not an issue then, but clarity was. Everything in a fixed place (I believe she changed the entire layout of the changing table during the maternity week, but it has remained unchanged since then) and preferably also at a fixed time. It is often very chaotic in our house, but we still take this lesson from our maternity assistant with us.

Ingrid sweegers 

With a growing child in the house, I am much more aware of how much wethrow away, just think of the diapers if you use disposable! I wentwatchwhere i easyalternatives could think of and iI started with washable cotton pads. Throwing away two cotton pads every night started to annoy me.The washable liked me very well† When our second was born, we had even more waste. washablenursing pads were not a success, and a lot went through, even up to nine months. But then I wanted towashable diapersto attempt.We started with four nappies for the night.II didn't know anything about onewashing routine and ze just kept smelling like pee† Eactually we thought it was dirty and we quickly put them aside.

When our daughter was born last year, we continued with disposable diapers, because that's what we were used to from the oldest two and washable was not a success† Wellwere wevery happy that our sons were now potty trained during the day, but still feltit's not good to make so much waste, while I was already a lot further in other areas. In my opinion, because it can always be better of course, but I try to buy all my clothes sustainable or second-hand, use as many natural products as possible for my skin and hair and I also had washablenursing pads found that worked well. Idid I want it?yet give it a trywith those washable diapers, after all, the impact is so great,and I ordered some beautiful diapers. Happywas sitting onewashing instructions Bee first three times pre-wash and after usefor a bitin a cold prewash and then at 60 degrees. Should be OK. We are now a year further and I amsuper excited and rarely use disposable We still have them at home and sometimes it's faster, but I really prefer washable.


Through the diapers I came toeco Era Store rightly so.After washable diapersi wanted tooprefer washable wipes instead of disposable, and Eveline's looked nice and soft. Because I was going to order from her anyway, I also have the reusable Bowl coverspurchasedThe wipes are realvery soft and I like the sizesuper handy† Because they are a bit bigger you can also use themand to brush the face after a nice pastabolognese ;-) Find the bowl coversand we really so handy in use, we're just lackingThe large fits well over our salad bowl and we use the small one for a bowl of sour cream, or a bowl of yogurt that doesn't have a plastic lid. Which is very good, but sometimes inconvenient.


Having children has really pushed me in the green direction. I want to set a good example for them and do my best to leave behind a planet for which I have tried my best not to exhaust it completely.It's a challenge sometimes, and we're certainly not doing it perfectly, but I think we're on the right track.


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